Why is it so easy to interfere with GNSS signals and get away with it? Why is denial of GNSS signals so common in spite of being a criminal offense? Is it because the offenders are unaware or they simply do not care!?

Radio frequency interference (RFI) to GNSS signals can be due to jamming or spoofing. Jamming is when a very high power unfriendly signal is transmitted over the GNSS signal frequencies completely overwhelming the signal of interest. Spoofing is when a high power unfriendly GNSS-identical signal is transmitted over the GNSS signal frequencies in order to confuse the receiver and force it to track the unfriendly signal resulting in an erroneous position and time estimate.

With near daily reports about intentional and unintentional interference it is the duty of the GNSS research community to increase awareness and share information in order to shake the world out of the prevalent ’business-as-usual’ attitude. It is time we stood together and unambiguosly declared – Leave GNSS Alone!

This seminar is a step towards doing exactly that. We have assembled GNSS experts from the Nordic Countries to share their experience and research efforts in detecting, analyzing, and countering this menace of interference to GNSS signals. These include experts from:

  1. Research domain – the Nordic Institute of Navigation (NNF), the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI), and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  2. Government Agencies – Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom), Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom)
  3. Defense Swedish Defense Research Agency FOI
  4. Traffic Management Agencies – Intelligent Traffic Management Finland
  5. Industry – SINTEF Norway and Indra Navia AS from Norway

The discussions will address end-user experiences and potential catastrophic impact of RFI on real-life operations, ongoing efforts towards a nationwide system for 24X7 detection of interference events, existing similar monitoring activities in other Nordic countries, and strategies being adopted for tackling the challenge of GNSS interference.

So, welcome! Please join the seminar and participate in our collective struggle against attacks on what is increasingly becoming one of the most fundamental and globally available public service.

When: 12th June, 2019

Where: Scandic Park Hotel, Helsinki, Finland

**Free registration (coffee and lunch included)!**

(Deadline for registration is 4th June, 2019)


Local Chair: Prof. Sanna Kaasalainen (firstname.lastname@nls.fi)

General Chair: Prof. Heidi Kuusniemi (firstname.lastname@uwasa.fi)